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Victoria, Dennis and Marin Hopper

Victoria, Dennis and Marin Hopper in 2008

Dennis Hopper, who passed  away in May at age 74, was in the middle of divorce proceedings when he died of prostate cancer complications. Now apparently his adult off-spring from other marriages aren’t so happy that they have to share estate proceeds with the widow, Victoria Duffy, and the couple’s 7-year-old daughter Galen, reports HousingWatch.

This might seem like another Hollywood celebrity tale, but there’s a lesson every family can learn from the Hopper family struggles, whether you earn millions a year or just thousands.  (more…)

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In the old days you might find the father of the bride behind a two-barrel shotgun to make sure the groom walked down the aisle to make an “honest woman” of his daughter. Today your father-in-law might just sue you if you stray from his daughter. At least that’s the case with on Chicago attorney, initials C.S.

C.S., in a lawsuit filed in Cook County, is demanding that his former son-in-law, S.L., reimburse him for the $75,000 dad paid toward S.L.’s wedding to his daughter. In addition, he wants $1 million for the emotional pain he suffered when he learned S.L. allegedly cheated on his daughter and gave her an STD before their December 2009 divorce.  (more…)

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Dodgers Baseball Divorce_Brad Dickinson

Baseball’s leading power couple may be headed for a divorce. Frank McCourt, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ owner, and his wife,

Baseball's power couple will have to decide if they will continue business together after they divorce

Baseball's power couple will have to decide if they will continue business together after they divorce

Jamie, the team’s CEO, are in the middle of divorce proceedings, according to multiple major-league sources.

“This is a personal matter and they request that their privacy be respected,” according to a press release issued on their behalf late Wednesday.

The timing of the announcement comes on the heels of the Dodgers winning their first back-to-back division championships in 31 years, with more games to come.

This leads some to question how the marital split might effect the team. John Moores sold the Padres earlier this wife as a result of the petition for divorce his wife, Becky Moores, filed a year earlier.

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